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Watch Out: How Repairs To Double Glazed Windows Is Taking Over And What Can We Do About It

Can Double Glazed Windows Be Repaired?

If you have recently installed double glazing in your house, and it is beginning to begin to show signs of failing, you might be wondering if they can still be repaired.

Depending on the issue is and the date you bought them from the store, you might be eligible to receive your double glazing back under warranty.

Broken Panes

If a window’s glass is damaged or cracked it allows air flow more easily, reducing the windows’ efficiency as insulation and barrier against the elements. Depending on the time of year, this can cause cold or hot air to escape or enter your home, which can increase the cost of cooling and heating.

If the crack in your double glazing isn’t that deep, it might be possible to just apply a strong-hold tape. This is a temporary solution however, and will only stop the crack from getting worse. A professional window repair service can repair any broken glass on your double-glazed windows.

It can be dangerous and difficult to replace windows on your own. If the crack is substantial and difficult to get rid of Try applying strips of masking tap in a crisscrossing design. If the crack isn’t too large you can use a razor to cut the glass away from the frame. Make sure you wear gloves and a face mask when cutting glass. After the glass has been removed, place it flat onto many layers of newspaper to catch any pieces that might fall.

To install a new pane, you’ll need to buy replacement glass and prepare the frame. To ensure that the new pane fits properly, measure the opening of the window frame and subtract between 1/16 and 1/8 inches on both sides. Have your replacement glass cut at a local hardware store or glass shop to this measurement. If you have wooden frames, purchase points for glaziers from a hardware shop to install on the outside of your new pane. Make sure to place the points in a way that allows for expansion and contraction while keeping the putty level against the glass.

Once your new pane has been placed, spread a thick layer of your preferred glazing compound using the help of a putty knife. Make use of a linseed-oil-based glue like Sarco or a less expensive product such as Dap glazing compound. If you have any gaps between your new pane and the frame you can fill them in with the chosen compound. Make sure you smooth the compound to ensure it is even and Window Repairs level around the pane.

Water Leaks

The appearance of water leaks around the frame or sash is a common issue that happens when the window sealant has degraded and needs to be replaced. Water leaks in the window can cause damage to the plaster or drywall and can cause damp walls.

A double-glazed window of high quality will come with a gasket that expands with force when the sash closes. Water that falls on the area should be drained through the weepholes in the frame. However, in some cases, the weep holes become blocked by a build-up dirt and debris, or the weather stripping around the window might need to be replaced.

The lintel above the window can also be the source of leaks. The people who built the home may not have been aware that the lintel needs to be allowed to drain properly or they could have just clad it with concrete leaving an opening where rainwater could be able to enter and collect around the window, creating dampness in the wall or rot in the wood. The builders may have an angled fascia board above the windows to ensure water is directed properly. This will stop water entering the building.

A gap between the glass panes of a double-glazed windows could also be the cause of leaks. A damaged seal could have caused the gas argon or krypton which is supposed to be between the glass panes to create insulation to leak out. Although this isn’t the most severe leaky window issue it can affect energy efficiency and should be taken care of as soon as is possible. In this situation replacing double glazing could be the best option. A professional can complete an extensive evaluation, let you know where the leak is coming from and suggest solutions. They’ll also be able advise whether it is appropriate to repair the window or replace it completely. They can also give you an estimate for any work that is required.


Condensation is quite a common problem in older double glazed doors and windows, however it is usually easily solved. This is due to the lack of air flow around the window, and typically happens in rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. Water droplets on the surface of the glass are a clear sign of condensation. These droplets will disappear quickly when the window is heated by sunlight. If the problem continues it’s worth looking further.

It is also possible to hear water drip. This could be due to a broken seal between the two panes of glass. Repairs are highly recommended if you hear this noise. This will stop cold drafts from entering your home. This type of problem can also lead to mold in the long run, so it is best to have the window repaired as soon as you can.

A professional can examine your window and recommend the best solution. Most professional companies will remove the affected pane and then pipe hot air into the gap between them, this will eliminate any moisture that remains and ensure that a high-quality seal is put back on.

The windowpane seals failing are the primary cause of condensation issues in double glazing. Cool air can enter double-paned windows when the window seal fails, causing them to fog up. If this occurs it is possible that simple fixes could help, but in many cases, the best solution is to replace the window.

A spacer bar is typically found between the two glass panes in most double-glazed windows. The spacer bar is a source of desiccant that absorbs any moisture and blocks it from getting into the glass. The spacer bar is susceptible to breaking or cracking, and it’s often necessary to replace your entire window.

It is possible to complete some repairs yourself if you have the appropriate tools, however it is normally better to hire an expert who is trained to do this for you. This will not only save you a great amount of time, it will also ensure that your double-glazing is repaired correctly and with the highest quality. Using a trusted tradesman can be a good idea as it will give you some form of guarantee for the work done that you can’t get from DIY jobs.


Double glazing is an innovative product that allows homeowners to reduce their heating bills while keeping their homes warm. It’s not impervious to damage and there are issues that can arise from time to time. In some instances, these faults may even be dangerous if not dealt with quickly enough.

If you spot any issues with your double-glazing, which could put your family in danger, it is important to fix them as soon as you can. Issues like misting and water leaks can compromise the performance of windows and cause them to look unsightly.

Repairing double-glazed windows is usually cheaper than replacing them. If you spot any indications of problems with your double glazing it is worthwhile to research local companies that specialize in double-glazed window repairs and asking for estimates. Be aware that the most affordable quote isn’t always the best choice and make sure that the company has a warranty on their work.

A double-glazed window will be sold in an Insulated Glass unit (IGU). The Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) is composed of two glass panes that have an area between them, and a rubber gasket which stops water from entering the gap. Some IGUs contain argon, a gas that keeps heat from leaving the house and helps save money on energy costs.

If one of the IGUs is damaged an alternative pane can be purchased from a window maker and then fitted to the frame. This is typically less expensive than replacing the entire window and is cheaper for most households.

It is possible to repair the damaged glass depending on the kind of frame and condition of the window. This is typically the case if it has just developed a few minor cracks, but it isn’t broken. If the double-glazed window is completely shattered then it is best to replace both the glass unit as well as the window repairs near me sash.


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