Customer policy

Whenever the customer with the room key will not be allowed to leave after coming to the party without the security deposit in full and full rent and only then will the room be entered.

Monthly Rent Policy

Whenever the customer with the room key will not be allowed to leave after coming to the party without the security deposit in full and full rent and only then will the room be entered.

Your monthly OTO fare is accepted on account and on the web only. No cash please.

  • Rent your room to the customer Please pay your rent at the beginning of every month.
  • Customer stays for you the first month, rent must be paid prior to check-in.
  • For each subsequent month, the rent has to be paid by the 7th of each month

If there is delay in payment of rent, penalty is levied as below :

  1. Between 8th to 10th, a fine of Rs 100 per day will be imposed.
  2. Between 10th to 12th fine of Rs. 150/day will be spent
  3. Between 13th to 15th a fine of Rs. 250/day will be spent

If the rent remains outstanding even by 15th, immediate eviction will be applicable. If necessary, the deposit amount can be completely forfeited and legal action can be taken.

We have promised to pay our dues to the service providers who ensure a comfortable auto stay for you. To deliver on that promise, we want you to pay on time.

Emergency notification policy

When the customer does not deposit the room rent and electricity bill by 10th, then the electricity of his room will be disconnected and till that connection is not connected then the rent and electricity bill is not paid.

To drive out of the property without notice to the customer if the company misbehaves in any manner and the whole and legislative company if the fight is misused and the company’s employees are harmed and any damages of any kind The breakdown occurs will be compensated by the deposit amount by the customer and the balance amount will be taken from him.

Exit Return Policy

All refunds are done online, no cash refund possible Your security deposit is fully refundable: Withdrawal of due amount no damage done

  • Payment on time at the end of the 30 day notice period. If you have overpaid, it will be refunded along with the security deposit
  • Refund will be processed within 5-7 working days of moving out of the property, provided you have submitted your bank account details.
  • Please ensure that your bank account details (Beneficiary Name, Account Number, IFSC) are shared correctly
  • Incorrect details may result in undue delay

Cancellation Policy

  • Each customer has to pay Rs. 1000/- which is a non-refundable, one-time fee.
  • Payment of booking fee means that the customer has confirmed to be with us on the said date of joining. Once the booking fee is deposited, it is assured that a bed will be allotted to the individual at the time of joining
  • If the customer cancels his room booking or fails to proceed on his mentioned date of joining, no refund will be given

Referral Policy

We encourage residents to refer their friends for OTO stay (same property or any other)

When your friends start living in OTO, you will get a referral reward of Rs.500 in your account wallet, which you can use while paying your OTO monthly rent.

Applicable only if the referral code is entered correctly on the app/web while booking

Word of mouth referrals are appreciated but not rewarded Referral award amount is subject to change without prior notice

When you make more than one referral, the rewards are bigger

Notice in and out policy

  • Cancellation or extension ticket can be raised on the app if desired
  • Cancellation and acceptance of extension are subject to availability
  • Please submit your cancellation/extension request at least 7 days before your original exit date
  • At the time of extension, all dues should be paid

Guest policy

  • Guests of the opposite gender (except parents) are only allowed in common areas
  • Residents will have to pay for the guest’s overnight stay based on the length of the stay. Day 1 : Rs. 500 per day cost to be paid will vary according to different properties)

Customer information policy

  • Please initiate your exit notification 30 days prior to the date of exit through WhatsApp and CMO call. to start your notice process
  • We can accept your exit notice only when you have initiated it, not if your friend did. this is for security reasons
  • If your notice is less than 30 days, a short-notice fee will have to be paid which will deduct 75% of your deposit. The remaining balance will be refunded
  • Please complete all payment of room rent and electricity bill to start your notice
  • As long as your outstanding balance (short notice fee,
  • rent, any damages) has been approved, your notice is inadmissible
  • Please note that the rent for the best month cannot be adjusted against the security deposit
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