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This History Behind Melitta Optima Will Haunt You Forever!

Melitta Optima Timer Filter Coffee Machine Review

One of the most well-known low-cost filter coffee machines sold in the UK. It has clean lines and the jug is made of thick glass. It can produce up to four mugs of espresso if it’s full, but some buyers say that’s a lot. It comes with good water hardness settings as well as a hot plate timer that can be set to up to two hours.


This filter coffee maker can brew up to 8 large mugs (or the equivalent of a jug with 1.2 Liters). It can also be programmed for 30 or 60 minute timers. It also features an illuminated on/off switch and a removable water tank. It is constructed from durable materials and features an attractive design. The machine is easy to clean and has an auto power off feature which shuts down the unit after a certain period of time, which contributes to the energy efficiency and security.

Many buyers commented on how excellent this machine was, especially for the price. It’s not more expensive than other low-cost machines, however it produces a delicious cup of filter coffee without any hassle or mess. This machine is made by Melitta which is the company that invented filter coffee.

It takes a few minutes for the machine to heat up and be ready to brew. It is recommended that you run one cup of water before adding the coffee, to both rinse the filter and get the machine and jug to temperature. This will ensure that your first brew will be excellent.

Despite its slow start, once it’s fully operational, the machine does a great job of keeping the jug of coffee hot for up to an hour or more. This is superior to other filter coffee machines which struggle to keep their hot jugs. The fact that it doesn’t require a base heater for the jug is another plus.

It looks nice on the counter and is easier to clean than other filter coffee makers because of its white colour. It still needs to cleaned frequently and the jug must be washed. Some owners have reported that it doesn’t produce the same strong cup of filter coffee as other machines, but overall it is a solid, reliable machine.


The Melitta Optima Timer filter coffee machine provides a convenient and efficient solution for the home. The machine has a clear reservoir of water, a programmable clock, and automatic power-off. These functions can help to reduce energy consumption and provide security. The coffee maker permits you to add ground coffee, so it can be used to make any coffee brew.

The design of this coffee maker makes it easy to clean. The glass jug comes with lids that are hinged and the filter is removable for cleaning. The water tank is removable, making it easy to refill. The Optima has an indicator light to indicate the current status of the machine. It also has an auto power off feature that turns the coffee maker down after a time of inactivity. This feature saves energy and prevents the device from overheating.

This particular model of filter-coffee maker is equipped with many amazing features, including glass pots with an lid that can be closed with a hinge, and a cup capacity that can be adjusted. The machine also can accommodate ground coffee, which makes it easier to make coffee. The Optima is also easy to use, with an on/off switch that is illuminated and an auto power off feature that can be programmed to stop the machine after 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

In addition to its impressive list of features the filter coffee maker has a sleek and modern appearance that will add an elegant accent to any kitchen. It has sleek black finishes and an LCD display to make it easy to navigate through the various options for brewing. It also comes with a movable water tank and a dishwasher-safe filter.

The amount of coffee grounds that you use is among the most crucial aspects of the quality of the brew. The grind type can affect the taste of your coffee. Finely ground beans will have a stronger taste while coarser ground beans will have a more subtle flavor. To make the perfect cup of coffee, you should always weigh your grounds and adjust them accordingly. The ratio of water to coffee should be around 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for six ounces of water.


A coffee maker that has a timer is a great method to enjoy fresh, hot filter coffee each morning. This kind of machine makes coffee in three to four minutes. It comes with filters, a jug, and mugs for serving. It is easy to use and clean. It has an LCD display, which allows you to easily navigate through the different brewing options.

The Melitta machine is stylish, with its piano black finish on the water container and glass cup. The water tank and jug are both large, which means that you can make plenty of coffee machine on a timer at once. The machine is easy to use, and the programmable warm-up function is a nice feature. The removable water tank makes it easy to clean and refill.

The machine comes with a number of other features that make it a good choice for any home. The aroma selector lets you pick between a strong coffee to boost your mood or a milder coffee that makes you feel relaxed. The programmable clock allows you to set a precise time for brewing. The automatic shut off feature will shut down the machine after 30 minutes, which helps in reducing power consumption and making sure there is no waste.

This coffee maker is perfect for those who want to brew large batches of filter coffee. Its compact design makes it easy to keep in a cupboard or on the counter, and it also fits well into kitchens of all sizes. The glass jug is sturdy and has a stylish, modern design that can be a perfect match for any decor.

The Melitta Look V Perfection black filter coffee maker is a fantastic option for anyone who is seeking a high-quality, affordable cup of filter coffee. The machine features sleek design and large capacity, and can produce up to 15 cups at a time. It is easy to use and utilizes ceramic grinders that produce a rich and flavorful cup. The machine also has numerous other beneficial features, including a programmable timer and a temperature control that can be adjusted.


The Melitta Optima Timer, a low-cost filter coffee machine, is one of UK’s most sought-after models. It is a simple machine that is simple to use and looks nice. It can brew 250ml to 1.25L at one time. It utilizes paper filters, melitta optima® timer filter coffee machine size 102 is recommended. It also has an auto-brew timer. It also comes with a glass inner and an outer carafe made of plastic which is dishwasher safe, an anti-drip function with a compact footprint, and the ability to keep warm for up to 40 minutes.

The Optima Timer is available in white or black and can be used with whole or ground beans. It features a convenient water-level indicator and an automatic power-off function. It also has a program to indicate when descaling is required which will prolong the lifespan of the appliance as well as increasing the quality of your coffee.

This filter coffee maker is easy to clean and has a good condition, as per buyers. It has a good capacity for the price and is perfect for serving a few people at a time. It is a great choice for those who want to save the hassle and expense of purchasing and maintaining a top-quality filter coffee machine.

If you’re thinking of buying this model, it is crucial to read the reviews before making a final decision. A majority of customers have left positive reviews regarding this machine, however there are some negative reviews too. One of the reasons for the negative reviews is that the machine often produces coffee with an unpleasant plastic odor. This can be resolved by thoroughly washing the carafe as well as other washable parts with hot, soapy water.

Another aspect that could be a big issue is the time required to make the coffee. If you’re someone with a short attention-span it can be a hassle to wait for the water. It is recommended to invest in a machine that has a rapid heating system to make your coffee in a hurry.


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