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These are the main signs of ADHD in women

Experts have shared the ways ADHD can present itself in women from always running late to struggling to complete tasks and finding it hard to maintain friendships.

Emma, Psicoleg Lleida from the UK, has built a huge following online for sharing details from her ‘honest ADHD life’, signs of the condition and advice on living with it. 

She said there are a number of ways Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder present in women versus men.

Emma explained women with ADHD are more inattentive and that their hyperactivity happens mentally rather than physically. 

Psychologist Dr Daniel Amen added you could have the condition if you have a ‘chronic pattern’ of being late and your cupboards and drawers look like ‘a bomb went off’. 

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Experts are sharing the ways in which ADHD presents in women including wanting a tidy and organised space but being daunted by cleaning tasks (stock image)

‘We usually show up on the inattentive side and this can look like having no hobbies or losing interest in things very quickly,’ Emma explained in a video.  

‘Constant overwhelm or overthinking which is usually because the hyperactive side is in our brain and it doesn’t stop – ever.’

She said women with ADHD change their image a lot moving from different looks in a short amount of time and never know what their true identity is. 

‘It can show up as anxiety and depression and that is why a lot of us went misdiagnosed because we were diagnosed with those instead,’ Emma said. 

‘However, they usually are a by-product of ADHD going undiagnosed and not having the right support or treatment.’

Another sign is needing your space to be tidy and organised to feel calmer but not knowing where to start. 

‘Inevitably it never really is or it’s a lot of work to consistently keep your home organised and tidy and this brings a lot of shame for a lot of us constantly,’ Emma said. 

‘The problem isn’t that we don’t want to organise, it’s almost like we just don’t know how, we don’t even know where to start.’

Similarly, feeling overwhelmed by a task can be a sign even if it is a task you really want to get done and burning out very easily.

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