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Mark Latham threatens to counter-sue in gay tweet row

One Nation leader Mark Latham has threatened to countersue independent MP Alex Greenwich if he continues with a lawsuit against him. 

Mr Greenwich said on May 1 he was suing Mr Latham for defamation after the One Nation politician refused to apologise for a homophobic tweet he made in March.

The MP also filed complaints with the NSW Police and Anti-Discrimination NSW on the grounds of vilification.

Mr Latham has refused to apologise for the tweet and continued his latest attack against Mr Greenwich on May 3 accusing him of ‘starting’ the online feud.

His comment comes as Pauline Hanson revealed she still supported Mr Latham as NSW leader even though she condemned him for the tweet. 

One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham (pictured) has threated to sue independent MP Alex Greenwich if he continues with a lawsuit against him, saying he ‘started’ it

Mr Greenwich had called Mr Latham a ‘disgusting human being’ after he attended a religious gathering in Sydney in March.

The event spiralled into chaos as members clashed with LGBTQI activists. 

Mr Latham took issue with the comment made by Mr Greenwich and responded with the inflammatory tweet that has since been taken down.

‘Disgusting?How does that compare with sticking your d*** up a bloke’s a*** and covering it with s***?’ he wrote.

Mr Latham admitted his words were ‘too crude to stay up there’ as he further opened up on the debacle while speaking to radio station 2HD on May 3. 

The One Nation leader in NSW took the tweet down shortly after, but followed up with another tweet saying ‘Never apologise, never explain.’

‘If Alex Greenwich wants to say that the NSW Police have to go police words like this (his homophobic tweet) on Twitter, the police can start with his own words,’ Mr Latham said.

‘If you want to talk about words that are offensive, calling someone ‘a disgusting human being’ for going to a meeting in a church hall with the parish priest sitting on the stage, you can take offence at that and the police can investigate him.’

He accused Mr Greenwich of starting the argument. 

‘This guy who started this dispute doesn’t like the way I responded.I’ll tell you what, he’s got a glass jaw,’ he said.

‘I don’t regret saying that as a straight man, the thought of someone holding a gun to my head saying that I’ve got to have anal sex with another man, I do find that disgusting. 

‘That’s what makes me straight.’

He said he doesn’t think what he said about Mr Greenwich ‘was an unfair thing to say given the nature of his attack on me. 

‘It was crudely expressed and the words had to come down and they did,’ he said. 

Pauline Hanson (pictured) said she will have a closed-door meeting with Mark Latham to over his homophobic comments, which she called ‘disgusting’

‘He provoked this, he started this.Where’s the apology for describing me as “a disgusting human being”?’ Mr Latham said. 

He added that if Mr Greenwich ‘persists’ in suing him ‘I’ll have a counterclaim. If he wants to talk slander, (what he said it) completely slanderous.’

Mr Greenwich’s problems with the One Nation MP also include their opposing views on transgender issues with Mr Latham taking a more conservative stance.

The One Nation leader said he didn’t think his views were controversial. 

‘What have I said about transgender?I’ve consistently said if you’re an adult over the age of 18 and you want to change your gender every other day, well, that’s your business,’ he said.

‘It’s not a concern of government or anyone else. You’re an adult, you can make these decisions

‘You want to be a male one day, female the next, back to being a male.If you’re an adult, you do whatever you think is in your interest, but leave the kids alone.

‘That’s all I’ve ever said. Leave the kids alone.’

One Nation’s founder and national leader Pauline Hanson said she supports Mr Latham, despite previously denouncing his homophobic tweet, but that she wants answers from him about his behaviour.

Independent MP Alex Greenwich (pictured) called Mark Latham ‘a disgusting human being’

Ms Hanson told


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