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Hacker group taunts FBI after agency blames North Korea for Sony hack

A message claiming to be from the Guardians of Peace, the group taking responsibility for the massive hack of Sony Pictures, taunted the FBI after it pinned the blame on North Korea.

‘The result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes,’ read a message posted to Office 2016 Pro Retail Product Key Pastebin, a site popular for text dumps from hackers.

‘We congratulate you success,’ continued the message. ‘FBI is the BEST in the world.’

Taunting: A message posted on Pastebin claiming to be from the Guardians of Peace taunted the FBI after it pinned the blame on North Korea. Pictured is allegedly screen of hacked Sony employee’s computer.

‘You will find the gift for FBI at the following address,’ read the message, including a link to a YouTube video titled ‘you are an idiot!’ 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the link to the message was sent to journalists by the group early Saturday morning in an email titled ‘The data you are interested in.’ 

However it is impossible to be certain that the message was originated by the GOP as there were no links to any leaked information. 

However the group has used Pastebin for other messsage and the subject line in the email is similar to that used in other messages from the hackers.   

Ars Technica reported Monday the group claimed to be ‘preparing for you a Christmas gift’ of ‘larger quantities of data’ in another message on Pastebin.






Time to put the Presidential feet up, for 17 DAYS! Obamas… Brazilian author Paulo Coelho reveals he offered to purchase…

Defiant North Korea offers to hold a JOINT investigation…

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‘The gift will surely give you much more pleasure and put Sony Pictures into the worst state,’ the message continued. 

The message also asked individuals to send emails to addresses posted ‘to tell us what you want in our Christmas gift.’ 

The message followed an FBI announcement into the hack, which was revealed by Sony in late November, stating the North Korean government was behind the hack.

Canceled: Sony canceled the release of The Interview, which was to feature the killing of North Korean head of state Kim Jong-un following the hack and the posting of an anonymous demand on Github 

The investigation found the hackers used malware similar to that used previously by North Korean actors.

It also concluded that infrastructure utilized during the attack, including IP addresses, has previously been linked directly to North Korea.

Other tools bore a resemblance to those used in an attack in March against South Korean banks that was determined to have been carried out by North Korea.

Wired, which published an article calling the North Korea link ‘flimsy’ shortly before the FBI announcement, noted there were security professionals still doubting Pyongyang’s involvement.

The ability of hackers to use proxy computers or make traffic appear to be routed through various IP addresses makes positive attribution of hacking culprits especially fraught.


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