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All over the country, people love watching sports. Lots of individuals enjoy watching sports as a result of their competitive nature. The sports bring families together, in one room, cheering a team. Sometimes they cheer different teams, but but, they get together to take pleasure in the sport. One of the sport that families enjoy is basketball. When families gather together to watch basketball, they get happy.

Basketball starts at an early age. The players who excel at the professional level started off as little basketball players with Fisher Price hoops. After they grew up, they signed up for a pee wee league. While playing in the pee wee league, their biggest fans were their mothers, fathers, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc. These little kids learned the virtue of teamwork and also other invaluable skills essential for life. These skills are for this reason, in this particular case, learned by way of a competitive sport.

When the kids grow up, they move to junior-high school. Once there, they sign up for the school’s basketball team. That team turns out to be a lot more competitive than the pee wee team. Students on the team form a high degree of popularity and earn friends that other students in the school have no access to. Once the game starts, each Friday night, students from all around the school crowd the gym and watch the beauty of the game. The game may begin with slowly and continue into an uproarious, competitive battle. It may wind up in a tight battle towards the finish line.

Once that game is tied, or within less than five points, during the final minute, spectators rise to their feet. When they rise to their feet, they anxiously hope that their team stays ahead (fans of the winning team) or that their team rises up and over (fans of the presently losing team). This beauty is experienced on the physical level through crossings of the fingers and coverings of the eyes. On the internal level, adrenaline rises and heartbeats increase at rapid rates. The fans continue watching until the final buzzer sound.

In the event the final buzzer sound is heard, some spectators are happy and others are not. There isn’t any arguing with the scorekeeper about extra points. After the buzzer sounds, the end result are final. The beauty in watching a basketball game within the final seconds is the fact that one knows there is a limited quantity of time left in the game. They know that their team has one last chance to either hold on or make up the deficit. This beauty is unique to sports events because in a sporting event in the event the clock runs out, it’s out. Basketball is unique to other sports because a scoring play is a lot easier than in football (America), soccer agent, or baseball. Because of this, the probability of a lead change during the waning seconds is higher in basketball than in other sports. This makes basketball a beautiful sport to watch.


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