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You know, when we go out of our home to the city in search of studies and jobs, we get everything very easily but we do not get a happy home, that too easily where we live comfortably like home Could it! We also left everything and moved out of our hometown. We are also feeling lost in the new city. That’s why we created OTO STAYS – a home that is designed to be a very beautiful home from your living to eating. From the thickness of the mattress to the foosball table in the common area, you’ll feel that care in every nook and corner of the house. And before you say “I miss home”, OTO will become your second. Which does not let you miss even your home!
# HAPPY STAYS just like Home by OTO


We believe that when you move out of your home to another city or place to do the challenging work of your life and looking for a home and finding it in another city becomes a challenge, we are quite Trouble has to be faced and you all know this. Nothing should be better than accommodation. And how do we ensure this? And it takes all the responsibility by OTO takes to make good food and good indoors home along for you to lead a happy life and success with work it responsibility

So that you can live happily on the last day at OTO Home and OTO can welcome you!

We are new India generation for you

This is from 2018. OTO Team – some boys met outside in the city and went out for a walk and stayed in PG instead of going to the hotel due to being late and from there the idea that the new generation which does a lot of research for the house in the city, it is a house which Little did they know that one day they would change the face of managed-accommodation in India. Fast-forward to 2018. The preceding rooms were reunited. Reminiscing about the 'good old hostel days', he realized that 'good' could have been better. So to give the youth what they deserve, they set up a base in NCR and launched their own brand of managed-housing space. And, inspired by the words OTO, which means one room and two stage – building blocks of a company, but also some unique service for 'room' – they thought and decided to do that. Today, Mr. Thank you for sharing the dream of Singh and Mr. Ram, OTO has come a long way. And it still has a lot to do for the New India generation so that it can provide many more and better facilities in very less price, you will agree. And we look forward to your cooperation in this!
thank you OTO

Our Vision

Otostays core leadership team envisions strong as well as convenience to provide you with today’s many possibilities and struggles to provide you with everything you need to service a smart home in any given city at the best price for everyone. wants to try So that students / working students can easily provide high impact service and improve home living experience and they can benefit from this service to all the people of skill development and the company is providing good and better service all over the world to New India Generation. be able to support And try to develop a better environment.

You know, when we go out of our home to the city in search of studies and jobs, we get everything very easily but we do not get a happy home

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