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10 Beautiful Images Of Robot Vacuum Mop Pet Hair

The best robot vacuum for thick carpet and pet hair Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

A robot vacuum/mop set-up is the ideal option for pets who shed fur. It can vacuum and mop and can even dry and clean its own mop pads.

It also has 8,000Pa suction, the most of any robot we’ve evaluated. It can also save your home’s maps and schedule cleaning schedules using its app.

1. Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni

The X2 Omni is the latest model in Ecovacs’ line of hybrid robot vacuums and mops. This wet/dry model comes with the upgraded AIVI 3D2.0 lidar system Ecovacs, which offers enhanced mapping and obstruction-free operation. The system uses dual-laser LiDAR which is similar to what you’d find in self-driving cars and is able to scan an area of up to 32 feet wide by 270 degrees. That translates into more precise mapping, faster response times, and higher cleaning accuracy.

It also features a rotating mopping pad constructed of chenille fabric. This makes it easier to scrub tough areas than traditional mops. During my testing the X2 Omni took just over one minute to clean its pad before getting to work, and I noticed that it was much more accurate than other models that seemed to follow a gridded path around rooms. It was adept at navigating my rooms’ corners and edges, and also create a “Zambani pattern” that ran up and down the middle of the room. It returned to its OMNI Station frequently to empty the dust bin and clean the mop with hot water prior to beginning another task of cleaning.

The X2 Omni is as easy to use and set up as other Ecovacs products. Simply snap the dock into place then plug it in and pair it with your home WiFi network. It takes only about a minute. Then, you’re able to launch the app and start with your first cleaning task. I was able to dive into the settings and personalize my floor plan in less than 15 minutes, including creating zones that are restricted for sweeping and mopping as well as reworking my wall-mounted furniture placements, and so on. The X2 Omni performed impressively in my tests, achieving outstanding scores in debris removal and pet hair cleaning, as well as near-perfect results for crevice and edge cleaning.

2. Deebot T10 Omni

If you’re looking for a strong combination of vacuuming and mopping then check out the EcoVACS Deebot Omni. It is the most advanced model of the brand’s T-line and features the brand’s new OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system that uses dual-spinning brushes for more effective cleaning than traditional oscillating scrubbing. It has YIKO, which is a natural language processing system that is a first of its kind. This allows it to respond to various voice commands. You can make use of the ECOVACS app to map your home, establish cleaning schedules, and alter settings.

The biggest issue with the T10 Omni is that it cannot switch between mopping and vacuuming in a single operation. The two modes require you attach and remove the mop heads as you need to and is suitable for most homes, but isn’t suitable for people with busy lifestyles.

However, the Deebot Omni is a fantastic robot vacuum that has impressive results in our tests for pet hair. It removed more than 96% of the debris from our hardwood flooring. This is a remarkable performance. It did a great job on tiles and carpets, best automatic vacuum for pet Hair removing the majority of dirt.

This robot vacuum and mops comes with a large docking system that allows for automatic cleaning with cool mop pads. It also comes with an auto-emptying 3L bag that’s easy to replace and hot air drying for fast and simple maintenance. It also has a large water tank that allows more frequent rinses and dry between mopping runs.

The Deebot T10 comes with a wash tray that is built into its base, similar to other mopping robots. It uses the wash tray to wash and dry the mop pads while it is using them. It doesn’t have a removable tray, so dust, dirt and other grime will slowly build up at the bottom.

3. RoboVac X8 Hybrid

While the Anker-owned Eufy is well-known in the robot vacuum space, this model is its first venture into the world of mopping. It has enhanced intelligence with multiple map support, LIDAR scanning and twin-turbine technology that automatically adjusts for the type of surface you’re cleaning. It’s a mid-range robot cleaner that’s stylish even if its promise of being a one-stop-shop for floor cleaning doesn’t quite be realized.

The X8 Hybrid looks like a traditional robotic vacuum cleaner from the top with its circular shape with sweeping wheels and a raised space for sensors. Flip it over, however you’ll see an electric floor brush and one side sweeper brush that carries dirt from the edges into the main pathway of the robot’s mouth. It’s smaller than the main brushes of the iRobot Roomba S9 which I found made it easier to reach under couches and chairs.

Its mapping system is reasonably sophisticated and allows you to set no-mop zones, as well as specific cleaning zones. It is prone to hitting objects, including its own charging station, and isn’t the best automatic vacuum for pet hair at climbing over carpets. It was capable of removing pet hair on floors that were not paved However, during our tests, it took in 89.5 percent of litter, which is higher than all but the most powerful robots we’ve examined.

Although it can be controlled via the app and the app, the X8 Hybrid also comes with physical buttons on its base that allow you to choose a cleaning mode, and switch the robot off or on. Additionally, you can use these to set no-go zones as well as see maps in real-time. It’s also a bit chatty, and will inform you of what it’s going to do next (start cleaning) or warn you if something isn’t working.

4. ILIFE A4s

This high-tech vacuum model can pick up pet hair, kibble, and other messes with remarkable efficiency. It also moves effortlessly around furniture legs. It also comes with a remarkable feature set that includes two cleaning modes and a self-emptying dock and a real-time obstacle-avoiding technology. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and best controlled via the Neato app, where cleanings can be scheduled and the overall maintenance needs are monitored. The X2 Omni is an excellent choice for homes that have a carpet, hard floors and carpet, but it requires some advance planning to avoid getting stuck by power cords, toys or other unexpected obstacles.

This robot was very successful during our tests on hardwood floors and kibble. It ate everything, from a single rice grain to several dog food pieces, with only one sweep. It had some trouble with rugs, but generally speaking, this vacuum cleaner is great for large rooms that have floors of different types as well as a mix of pets.

The A4s Pro is a bit expensive, but it’s a great buy for people who want to be able to leave the house with no hands on so they can get out and do other things or do chores. The A4s Pro also offers a handy auto cleaning mode that boosts suction power to handle tough spills and dirt and is equipped with batteries that power the ElectroWall that allows you to place boundaries where the robot is not allowed to be allowed to enter.

This budget-friendly model from a well-known upstart brand is the cheapest robot we’ve ever tested and provides an incredible value for money. Its basic navigation system is based on a basic random pathing algorithm and it lacks the ability to map rooms. This is why it’s less effective as other models on this list. However it’s still able to get under furniture and into corners, and its mopping mode was very effective in our testing, picking up stray pet hair and other debris with ease.

5. Shark iQ

Shark’s iQ isn’t quite as well-built as the Roomba S9, but it does better overall at getting rid of pet hair on all surfaces. It is more effective of cleaning carpets with low piles and bare floors. It also uses the smart-pathing software for better mobility. It can be sent to a particular area and has a suite of advanced automation features including no-go zones and schedules. It also allows you to stop and resume cleaning, making it perfect for homes with pets.

Its self-cleaning brushroll helps prevent knots from pet hair and other debris and its self-emptying dock station can store up to 30 days worth of dirt prior to needing to be cleaned. It has a set of angled side brushes that can reach into corners and a multi-stage filter system that collects dust, dander and allergens.

This robot vacuum is well-built and feels solid. It has a smartphone application that lets you change the vacuum’s settings and schedule cleaning sessions in advance. The app allows you to see the remaining battery life of the iQ and receive push notifications in the event of any problems during a cleaning session. You can control it using your voice using an Amazon Alexa device or Google Assistant device. If you don’t own either of these devices, you can mark areas with physical boundary lines.

The iQ does a decent job of clearing bare flooring and doing a good job on low-pile and shaggy carpet however, it doesn’t have the same level of autonomy as our top choices. It’s also expensive and its recurring cost can add up.


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